Jean Mensah Led EC Burnt On Plunging Ghana Into Anarchy -Greater Kumasi NDC Constituency Chairmen



NDC Constituency Chairmen in Greater Kumasi of the Ashanti Region have made it clear that the Jean Mensah and Bosman Asare led -EC are bent on plunging Ghana into anarchy ,but  insisted they  are ready for them this time round.

According to them ,the 1992 constitution of Ghana, under Article 42 guarantees every citizen of Ghana, of a sound mind and of a voting age the non-negotiable right to vote in general elections, but Madam Jean Mensah and Mr. Bosman Asare led EC over the years have maintained a conduct that poses a serious security threat to the peaceful atmosphere we’ve enjoyed over the years as Ghanaians.

“This is the EC that supervised the infamous 2020 general elections which caused the killing of 8 innocent Ghanaians as a result of it biased conduct and electioneering processes, It is so clear that Madam Jean Mensah and Mr. Bosman Asare are abide directives of their appointor than the constitution of the land, however, we shall not look on for the repetition of what happened in the 2020 general elections

Aside the various constitutional breaches by the EC, which include the negligence to revise the voter register as stated by the constitution for reasons only known to them, The EC is making another unconstitutional attempt to disenfranchise millions of Ghanaians from voting in the 2024 general elections.

Article 45(1)(e) of the 1992 constitution of Ghana clearly states that ” The EC shall undertake registration programs to EXPAND voter registration, hence C I (91) says ” The commission SHALL take into consideration the SUITABILITY of the place for use, however, it is clear that Madam Jean Mensah and Mr. Bosman Asare led EC is doing everything possible to instead of EXPANDING the registration but rather COMPRESSING it which at the end of the day disenfranchise millions of Ghanaian citizens.

We the Greater Kumasi NDC Constituency Chairmen (GKCC) have picked intelligence that Madam Jean Mensah has connived with some NPP regional Chairmen especially the Ashanti Regional Chairman to limit the registration exercise to the 268 districts offices so as to frustrate and prevent eligible registrants from registering

Madam Jean Mensah should at least envisage the dire ramifications of limiting a voter population of over 3 million to just 268 district offices; we understand she is being dictated to by her appointor to make the exercise very laborious and expensive for innocent Ghanaians, with the thoughts of taking advantage of the hardship the President Akuffo Addo and Bawumia’s led administration has subjected Ghanaians into which as a result of transportation constraints will stop many Ghanaian from participating in the registration exercise due how expensive transporting oneself or his/her guarantors to the far districts offices will be.

We as a matter of urgency call on Madam Jean Adukwei Mensah to emulate the good precedence set by her predecessors, Dr. Afari Gyan and Madam Charlotte Osei who made sure the voter registration exercises were conducted at electoral areas and over 6000 polling stations

We are finally reminding the EC that no amount of intimidation or machinations can salvage her appointor from the lurking defeat come 2024

We are battle-ready to ensure that every eligible Ghanaian of voting age rights are protected as enshrined in the constitution.”They indicated in a statement copied to broadcastergh.com today…..

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