Jehovah Witnesses dedicates and inaugurates New Translation Office in Kumasi




The Jehovah Witnesses has dedicated and inaugurated New Translation Office in Kumasi, on the January,6, 2024.

The facility is aimed to Benefit Twi Speakers and those using Ghanaian Sign Language.

The New Office building inaugurated and dedicated to Twi and Ghanaian Sign Language translation in Kumasi is
located at Atasomanso.

The purpose of the facility is to overcome language barriers by providing people with educational and Bible-based publications in Twi and Ghanaian Sign Language.

Dr. Kwame Antwi Oduro, the Ashanti regional spokesman for Jehovah Witnesses at the inaugural ceremony explained that, the initiative of translating free publications to benefits the entire region, because it allows information to be available in Twi and Ghanaian Sign Language.

He disclosed that the initiative will contributes to the development and education of Twi speakers, as well
as aiding in the preservation of the language.

According to him, Jehovah’s Witnesses are excited about the linguistical
contribution to society, which he said will go a long way to strengthen family ties, and also build up individuals
morally, as they learn ethical values and daily principles from the Bible and other Bible-based publications.
Dr. Oduro believes that, the Ashanti Region is home to a large section of Twi speakers in Ghana, while there are other
Twi speakers as well in several parts of the country and abroad who will also benefit from the initiative.
He indicated that, more than 8,600,000 Jehovah’s Witnesses are around the world and more than 153,000 reside in
Ghana, added that, since 1950, the challenging work of Twi language translation has been carried out by an accomplished group of local volunteers, mostly all native speakers to ensure the highest quality translation possible.
He revealed that, another milestone in their translation work is the Ghanaian Sign Language which began in the
year 2012, which he observed has proved useful in educating the deaf people in the country.
He said, unlike automatic translation software, the translators take into consideration all the nuanced aspects
of the culture to achieve a clear and natural translation, says so far, the team has completed the translation of many printed, digital and video publications that can be downloaded, at no cost from the Jehovah’s Witnesses’ official website
He reiterated that, the new 1800 square-meter facility supports the activities of 67 translators, the new translation facility he said will allow for greater collaboration and provide translators with the resources needed in a centralized location.
Dr. Kwame Oduro Antwi, disclosed that, the new translation facility already opened for tours on December 29, 30, 2023 and January 5, 6, 2024, hence
for interested Journalists. Information stands will be on display throughout the building that explain the translation process.
He noted that, for more information on Jehovah’s Witnesses, one can visit, which features practical Bible-based content in over 1,070 languages.
Mr. Daniel Adashie, National spokesman for Jehovah Witnesses disclosed that, the translation helps preaches to those who hear the gospel and understands it.
He said it’s about hundred (100) years since they started the translation, from Gold Coast in the late 1930 in (twi) through somebody who translate it in 1949, and was done in the Headquarters in Accra, and 75 years the twi which was fast translation was transfer to Kumasi as a vehicle to translation.
He noted that,the bible message is good for everyone not only Jehovah Witnesses and for that matter, has translated into over hundred languages to ensure that it’s benefits everyone irrespective of one’s religious denominations.

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