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Jennifer Queen ‘sells’ John Boadu in Kumasi



A DEPUTY National communications officer of the ruling New Patriotic Party (NPP), has being ‘selling’ the candidature of Mr John Boadu in Kumasi, capital of the Ashanti region.
Mr Boadu, incumbent General Secretary of the party in government, is contesting in Saturday’s National delegates’ conference to retain his seat as the chief scribe of the NPP.
Appearing on a number of radio stations in Kumasi on Tuesday, Jennifer Queen trumpeted the good works of Mr Boadu, popularly known as JB.
She forcefully argued that Mr Boadu, is the obvious and excellent choice, because of his track record both as a party member and leader.
The deputy communications officer, says Mr Boadu is tried and tested and have the acumen to shepherd the ruling party to remain in power.
Queen noted that as a finance and economic expert, Mr Boadu could have been easily given a ministerial position in the NPP but chose to serve the party at national leadership level.
This, the vociferous NPP communicator intimated is because of the unalloyed love and affection the general secretary aspirant has for the party.
Though, she is of the view that all the aspirants for the position are capable, she believes that Mr Boadu stood tall amongst them.
Queen reminded delegates for the upcoming congress to be mindful of the fact that breaking the eight (8) will remain a slogan if right persons are not elected into office.
One of such persons she mentioned was Mr Boadu, who served as both national youth organiser and organiser before assuming the reigns of the chief scribe position.
The young but a leading member of the ruling party, pointed out that it had to take a genius in the shape of Mr Boadu to drive the party to victory in 2016 as an acting general secretary, after the suspension of Mr Kwabena Agyepong, the then incumbent general secretary.
Praying for heavenly travelling mercies for the delegates, Queen reaffirmed her call on them to vote wisely on Saturday, especially on the general secretary position.


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