Joana Gyan-Cudjoe Thanks Amenfi Central Delegates



The NDC Parliamentary Candidate for Amenfi Central Constituency in the Western Region, Joana Gyan-Cudjoe is embarking on a thank you tour for her victory in the just ended Parliamentary Primaries.

She has therefore announced a planned thanksgiving party for delegates in the constituency on August 5.

It is in fulfilment of her promise to delegates prior to the May 13, 2023 Parliamentary Primaries to mark her victory with a party.

The occasion is also scheduled to mark her birthday which fell on May 7 but was eclipsed by preparations for the primaries.

According to her, all delegates would converge at the Manso Amenfi District Assembly School at 10am.

Joana Gyan-Cudjoe won the primaries with 756 votes to become the first woman to have won primaries in the constituency.

She hopes to win the parliamentary seat in the general elections.

The PC expects to see all delegates to wine and dine and discuss matters of mutual benefits for the general welfare of the constituents.

Hon. Gyan-Cudjoe also known as

Gargantuan lady alias Small Gaddafi said renowned artists such as Keche Global music duo as main artist , Sherifa Gunu music and a host of several great musicians in Ghana would perform at the event.

As a philanthropist, humanitarian ambassador, social worker, investor and mother for all, she has promised to provide opportunities to help improve the lot of the people in the area when she get the mandate to represent them in parliament.

By her representation in parliament, Hon Joana Gyan Cudjoe intends to change the face of politics in Amenfi central and focus on giving back to society through social welfare programmes, job opportunities and general development and urged the delegates and entire Amenfi Central electorate to give her the mandate at the 2024 Parliamentary elections.




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