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Johns Mimicking “Bawumia Speaks”: Razak Kojo Opoku Writes



Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia is the Pathfinder and Pacesetter of Political Socio-economic Lectures.

Because of DMB, now every politician in Ghana is learning how to use Public Lectures to advance their respective Presidential campaigns.

Since Independence until Dr. Bawumia came on the political landscape of Ghana, NONE of the potential Flagbearers or even elected Presidential candidates were seen independently using Economic or Public Lectures or forum to state their opinions on national issues and the overall governance of the Country. IEA Debates, Press Conference/press release, Party’s conference, radio/TV interviews and rallies were the order of the day.

DMB addressed the Nation when he was in opposition and he is still continuing addressing the Nation as the Vice President of the Republic, and he shall definitely sustain this principle as the 2024 Presidential Candidate of NPP and surely as the President of Ghana in 2025, and beyond.

Now, our “Johns competitors” are using the same style of “Bawumia Speaks” to market their presidential ambitions. It is all good for our multi-party and participatory democracy.

So far , we have heard from “John Mahama Crossroads”, and “John Alan Speaks”, all mimicking the original “Bawumia Speaks”.

We wish all our “Johns Competitors” well from within and without NPP.

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