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Join the APP to bring changes in Parliament-Kenneth Nana Kwame Asamoah



“Everything that goes on in the Ghana Parliament is solely between the NPP and the NDC so it is time now for the youth to join the APP (Action People’s Party) to make changes in decision making in the country.”Kenneth Nana Kwame Asamoah, Founder and Leader of Action People’s Party has indicated.
He made it  clear that , decision making in Parliament is not balanced due to the fact that we have only two political parties representatives in Parliament.
But said is about time the youth in the  country join the APP to have a third force in Parliament that will reshape the thinking and decision making in the house.
According to him, reasons for the APP is for the benefit of the youth and the generation yet unborn.
He hinted that, Tourism, Agriculture and Education will be the agenda for development.
Speaking on fox morning drive with Sir John today on fox fm in Kumasi,he revealed that,tourism fetches more money more than the foreign exchange we generate from cocoa.
Again,his government will see to crop cultivation to fetch more food for domestic use and export.
He said,when there’s abundance of food the wouldn’t be anything like hunger and the would be excess for Export for foreign exchange which will help his government to use the money for other developmental projects in the country.
Education ,they say is key to human success and without Education man may not  be sufficient in life so education will be his topmost priority.
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