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Senior Presbytery Urges religious leaders to prioritize the plight of members




Mr. Victor Gadri, a Senior Presbytery at the Victory Congregation in the Asante South, Dunkwa District and a businessman has made a passionate appealed to religious leaders to always put the plight of the vulnerable members and the less privileged  in their catchment areas above everything to bring comfort to their lives instead of luxurious lives while the members are struggling living.

According to him, the church is made to preach peace, hope and love for one another…for that matter, the church must not only concentrate on giving comfort to the leadership by neglecting the ordinary member who is sometimes compelled and entice to contribute to the development of the church while some of them are struggling to make ends meet.

Speaking to the media, at the church which he single handedly built annual harvest and Thanksgiving service, he noted that, it’s good for members of the church to have a conducive place for workshop, which is incumbent for the rich and the poor to do irrespective of their financial and economic status but not to neglect members welfare after all their efforts and contributions.

He challenged the rich in the society to always have the less privilege in and around their communities for its worth nothing to be using a luxurious vehicle and displaying worth while those in and around you are suffering, says it’s not the attitude or character of a good religious person to neglect the vulnerable and be living in a luxurious lifestyle while the masses are suffering.

Mr. Gadri disclosed that, if one is being blessed, God has a purpose to bless you with the intention to help the vulnerable and the less privilege but not to enrich yourself at the detriment of the poor and the economic situation of the time.

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