Parents advised to be gentle in providing constructive feedback to their wards



Professor (Sr) Frances Emily Owusu-Ansah, Head of Department of Behavioral Sciences (SMD) at the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (KNUST) has advised parents to be gentle in providing constructive feedback to their wards to become who they are destined to be in the society.

According to her, parents have to be consistent for proper attachment formation, friendship, empowerment and Trust building between them and their wards.

The professor in behaviourial sciences was speaking on the contemporary youth as part of activities of the Home Coming programme organized by Corpus Christi Catholic Church at New-Tafo, a suburb of Kumasi.
The theme for the event dubbed coming back to your first love, rejuvenating the Family Networking for progress.
She revealed that, every stage has opportunities and challenges for the youth who are young adults, living technologically advanced Fast-paced world bombarded with many distractions that includes social media varied options for alternative ways of life.
She is of the view that, the youth are desiring yet resisting guidance, and would fight you when you intended to guide them to go for the right way.
Professor Owusu-Ansah disclosed that some of the ways parents can have a companion with their wards are socialization, depending on how they socialize during formation years proceed, as certain things are internalized like values, needs desires, while others are repressed, complying with parents desires or pressure from peers.
She indicated that, the youth in their formation years may repress their own desires towards self actualization in the process of identity formation and constantly pleasing others without explanation and awareness.
She noted that, the holistic health of the child is important, hence their spiritual, social/ Emotional and psychological health of the children which comes with consistent good or quality life and practice must be prioritize.
She was optimistic that, friendship, mentorship (seeking for good counsel) reducing stress (keeping physically active) that leads to inner peace.
She reiterated that, being holistic healthy would enhance one’s state of being mentally, emotionally, spiritually balance or integrated, says holistic healthy leads to being peace that concerns self understanding and acceptance as a path to inner peace.
Mr Job Senkyere, President of Corpus Christi Catholic Church disclosed that, the purpose for the Homecoming is to setup Educational and Vocational fund to support the youth in the church, especially those who are brilliant but needy students.

He urged all parishners in the church both home and away and extended the invitation to any one used to be a parishner but no longer worshiping with the church to contribute in helping to achieve the good course and initiative for a common goal which has started and set to be climax on the December 25th, 2023.

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