The top 5 excuses women use to avoid intimacy



A new poll claims some women will try whatever they can to avoid sweaty, steamy encounters with their partners. Many people view holidays as a chance for some alone time with their partner — but for those wishing to avoid intimate clinches, there are some tried and tested excuses.

According to a dating site for attached people, a majority of women start thinking of reasons to avoid sex with their partner.

Here are their top five excuses.

1. It’s too hot; we are sweating

Perfect. Blame it on the weather. This excuse will only work for summer though. It’s used by 19.4% of women, and is the most popular excuse.

2. My stomach hurts — I think I have food poisoning

This is a common one, with 17.6% of ladies claiming its effectiveness. However, the excuse of food poisoning is good for one night only unless you can fake some more symptoms.

3. I had too much to drink — I feel dizzy

A great excuse used by 16.3% of women. This one can be used time and time again, although your partner might start to wonder about your alcohol consumption, and you’ll have to deal with the hangover.

4. I can’t do it after seeing you look at other girls in bikinis

A fantastic way out of sex, popular with 13.2% of women, but you may have to get ready for a fight after using this one, especially if he doesn’t have a wandering eye.

5. My whole body has sunburn

Used by 11% of women, it’s worrying that ladies will go to lengths of burning themselves to avoid sex. Again, this excuse is only effective if you can produce some symptoms.

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