Police Assault on Innocent Demonstrators An Indelible Blot on Our Democracy-CIMTAG



Citizen’s Movement Transparent And Accountable Governance (CIMTAG )notes with deep outrage, the barbaric and conscienceless brutalities visited on innocent Ghanaian citizens desirous of exercising their constitutional rights to freedom of assembly and demonstration as enshrined in the sovereign laws of Ghana.

“We empathize with our affected compatriots and stand in solidarity with them in these difficult times. We encourage them not to be crestfallen as millions of right minded Ghanaians are readying themselves to join them on the streets in pursuit of justifiable causes aimed at strengthening our democracy and whisk the destiny of our beloved country from the venomous claws of the oppressor.

That, the state’s police power is unleashed in such an irresponsible, capricious and unmeasured manner against demonstrators is the lowest point in our democratic quest and must be roundly condemned.

Individuals and institutions in whose bosoms power has been vested to ensure law and order must be the last to abuse same.

The hostile handling of the demonstrators in the manner in which it occured yesterday is ample testament of the poverty in tact and strategy of our police service in maintaining law and order. That, such brute force is unleashed against unarmed civilians numbering less than 100 potential demonstrators is a testament of the gross incompetence of the Ghana Police Service in effective policing and crowd control.

We must be quick to add that, the misconduct of the police administration was with the tacit support of the government. Any responsible government who has no hands in the brutalities of yesterday should at least issue a statement to publicly condemn the misconduct of the police while assuring the citizenry of triggering the necessary investigating processes.

While condemning this unprofessional conduct of the police administration, we equally serve notice that, the Ghana Police Service and their collaborators in government must brace themselves up for the coming days as the nation will be ushered into a clandestine mood of unabated demonstrations and agitations by the citizenry to demand accountability and responsible leadership from the government if unleashing violence on demonstrators remains their signature approach towards policing.


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Alhaji Sidi Bello
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