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Know Your Man For NDC National Deputy Communication Officer- Godwin Ako Gunn



I have risen through the political ranks from the Branch, as an Executive Member, Branch Secretary, and Branch chairman at the Salvation Messengers and True Vine Branches in the Okaikoi North Constituency.

In 2008, I was appointed the Finance Committee Chairman of the Okaikoi North Constituency and the Campaign Coordinator when I was still the elected Assembly Member for Niiboiman Electoral Area.

At a relatively young age, I chaired many Committees of the Accra Metropolitan Assembly (AMA) which included:
●The AMA Finance and Administration Sub- Committee.
● The AMA Audit Report Implementation Committee (Aric).
● The AMA Electoral Area Project Implementation Committee
● AMA Sub- Metro Chairman, Okaikoi North.
● The AMA Tender Review Committee.
.. and served on many other Committees.

In 2010, I featured on a lot of radio and TV stations as a Social Commentator. Things changed for the better, when I was appointed by the Greater Accra Executives to serve on the Regional Communication Committee, which made me come out fully as a member of the NDC Communication Team.

As fate will have it in 2016, I faced a dramatic contempt of court charge with 2 others, Alistair Nelson, and Mugabe Maase, later to be known as the “Montie 3.” God has His path for everyone, and what he can not do, does not exist, because apart from my previous roles, I believe it was the main reason many of you voted for me as your *DEPUTY NATIONAL COMMUNICATION OFFICER*

I am forever grateful to the NDC for the many opportunities given me to serve, but most importantly, for choosing me to become an Officer of this party at such a time like this.

When you feel it is an undeserved privilege, you always go the extra mile to get things done, rather than seeing it as a right or entitlement, and that is my story.

For all those who had faith in me then and now, and those who have come to know and appreciate my efforts, I say to you that I have more to offer.

If for nothing at all, this office has made people know who Godwin Ako Gunn truly is, and I dedicate this paragraph to my kids, who have asked me questions I couldn’t answer during the Montie 3 season, and my nieces and nephews who have had to answer questions on Montie trio at their law lectures. I will never disappoint you. I love you.

Comrades, you gave me an opportunity to serve and I believe I have well and truly served. I may not have had the financial muscle to meet some needs you may have wanted to see from me, but Insha Allah, I am determined to be in all 276 constituencies first to congratulate and thank you for what we have all gone through, and where we must see the NDC moving forward

The love is deep, and the energy is high. Let’s keep the fire on, and keep our hopes alive because there are better days ahead.

*Kun Fa Yakun*

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