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Kumasi Central Market NDC Association Endorses John &Jane For 2024



The Executive body of the Kumasi Central Market National Democratic Congress Association (KCM-NDC) have in a very thoughtful decision endorses the partnership of Professor, Nana Jane Opoku Agyemang and the former president, His Excellency, John Dramani Mahama to lead the party in the 2024 general elections.

The partnership of the two leaders in the 2020 general elections has seen a significant increase in the party’s voter-base, especially in the Central Region following the hard work of Prof. Nana Jane Opoku-Agyemang in the region.

Through this core reasons, the association deem it worth to call for the two leaders to lead the party to power come 2024 general elections and we believe every well meaning member of the big family- National Democratic Congress who want to win power in 2024 will buy our call.

As business group in the Kumasi Central market comprised of Meat Sellers Head Dressers, Bread Sellers, tomatoes sellers, and many other business groups, we have the opportunity to do business under the two political parties; NDC and NPP.

However, under the Nana Addo Bawumia led government, our businesses are collapsing as a result of high cost of import duties, taxes, price of goods and the cedi depreciation to the foreign currencies.


“We can say with authority as businessmen and women that, Nana Addo and Mahamudu Bawumia have woefully failed Ghanaians especially the business sector. Today, we can’t sell, we can’t buy. “We are stranded in the market”… and most of our members are dying following loans they secured and couldn’t refund.

Nana Addo and Bawumia led-government is taken the forward March of Ghana backwards…today; Ghana’s public debt stock stood at Ghc236.1 billion. Out of this amount, each Ghanaian owes Ghc7, 836.00”. This is a leader who bragged that the money is here why was Mahama borrowing so much to mange the country

Ghana’s debt under John Dramani Mahama who was tagged as incompetent has suddenly increased from Ghc120.3 billion in December 2016 to Ghc236.1 billion under the watch of competent Nana Addo, Bawumia government at the auspices of nothing to show of anything prudent they used the money for.


A gallon of petrol under the “incompetent John Mahama” was Ghc14. Under the economic wizards and better managers of the economy, the same gallon of petrol is Ghc28. So, who is incompetent among these two leaders?


The Ashanti region has become a laughing stock at the tip of the iceberg since the NPP party took over power of nothing to boost of a party they voted massively for…Dr. Bawumia, the then economic wizard is now a digital expert man of which he had been reduced and rendered useless by his own party people.


The competent Bawumia has suddenly become the laughing stock of which the very dollar he alleged to have arrested; now the Usain Bolt against the cedi.


Bawumia told Mahama in 2014 while commenting on the continuous depreciation of the cedi, that “… if the fundamentals are weak, the exchange rate will expose you”. Today, the lying Bawumia, who bragged that he has the economic brain, the dollar to the cedi is $1 to ghc6 indicate that he is the most bragging incompetent leader and should not be trusted.


The bragging leadership of Dr. Bawumia who is trading his political expertise on lies, is shame and disappointing to Ghanaians especially Muslims for such dishonest character portrayal.

“We challenge the Nana Addo, Bawumia led government to point out a significant thing they have done to say thank you to the people of Asanteman”. As businessmen and women, we can drum our chest and say; John Dramani Mahama has constructed multi-purpose market(s), hospitals in aid of face-lifting the image of Asateman deserves to lead the country again for his outstanding performance when he was in power.

It is imperative to note that, corruption was a key fundamental issue during Mahama’s regime of which, Nana Addo swears all the gods in Ghana to bring corruption under its feet. Today, Nana Addo is sleeping with corruption where Ghana is second in West Africa according to the corruption index rating.

Corruption has become part and parcel of the NPP government and the current trend is scaring investors away.

The association is using this platform to urge Ghanaians to have faith in the leadership of Jane and John that the country will revisit it past glory after 2024 victory.

We thus call for unity and understand among the rank and file of our party-National Democratic Congress as we shall be electing new executives for another term of office. With united voice, we shall win power.Thank You…signed…ChairmanTimothy Kojo Ayiglo Solar,0244209420

Alhaji Ibrahim Justice Atipaga- Meat Sellers,0268909686,Sallah Central Market- Clothes Sellers 0544836353Gladys Akpajiak – Head dresser0249904122

It’s clear evidence that the abysmal performance of the party in the 2016 elections across the country, where central region wins only 4-seats out of the 23 parliamentary seats is a situation every NDC member must be concern.

However, the formidable force of Jane and John, the party recaptured 13 seats against the NPP of 10 seats in the 2020 election indicates that Jane and John will win power for the party in 2024.

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