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Cocoa Splitting Machine Inventor Calls On Government For Support



Ebo Ghunney, a graduate from National Vocational Training Institute (NVTI) who earlier, this year manufactured cocoa splitting machine has upgraded his technology and is calling on the government of Ghana to help him to produce more of his product for the benefit of Cocoa farmers .

The new machine, Noghusam Obaatampa-A21 fully operates automatically without having to smash the cocoa pod when put in the machine like before.

This invented machine help farmers to separate the Cocoa beans from the pods instantly without wasting much time and energy as used before.

The manufacturing of the machine will reduce labour cost when the Cocoa is harvested from the tree and will aid farmers in producing larger quantities for mass consumption.

Speaking during the launch of the sophisticated machine,the Chief Executive made it known that he developed the idea when he realized that he had no opportunity to further his education upon consistently going to the farm with his grandmother.

He noted that, upon realizing the difficulties in separating Cocoa beans from the pods, he needed to come out with an idea to safeguard the difficulties Cocoa farmers go through during harvesting times.

‘When I invented the machine previously,it was controlled manually but has now been automated to aid cocoa farmers work more efficiently using minimal or no force.

Speaking to The Punch Newspaper during the unveiling of the advanced cocoa splitting machine- Noghusam Obaatampa-A21, Ebo Ghunney praised the Member of Parliament for Effutu Constituency, Hon. Alexander Afenyo-Markin for supporting the team with an acre of land to widen their tentacles.

He further mentioned that his team’s contribution towards President Akufo-Addo’s Planting for Food and Jobs policy is through the invention of the Cocoa Splitting machine and is calling on cooperate bodies to support him so he can produce more.

“So far, I’ve received about 500 orders from cocoa farmers and other places but we are unable to meet the needs due to the challenges we are facing, thus lack of funds. We are calling on cooperate bodies to assist us”, he added.

Explaining the motive behind the Noghusam )baatampa-A21, the Public Relations Officer for Creative Metal Warrior Works, Mawuenyega Kpeli said “traditionally, a home without a mother is disorganized. When there is the presence of a mother figure, there is order so the machine has come to help the cocoa farmers to be organized in the work”. He also called for support from the government, individuals, cooperate organizations to assist them so they manufacture the machine in large quantities to help the cocoa farmers in Ghana and beyond.

Advisor of the Creative Metal Warrior Works, Mr. Felix Ewusie-Brookman recounted when Ebo Ghunney brought the idea of inventing the machine, he lauded his idea and has been assisting the team when it comes to financial advice and the entire management of the vision. Mr. Felix Ewusie-Brookman further urged the youth to find something to do and should not always rely on the government before they take any initiative.

Creative Warrior Metal Works is a company located in New Winneba in the Central Region.

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