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Kumasi North Startup Pitch Summit



Women’s Haven Africa in partnership with Ghana Tech Lab under the Pathways to Sustainable Employment Program is organizing a Local Startup Summit on the theme: Data Science for Sustainable Business Development and Job Creation in the Kumasi Ecosystem.
Women’s Haven Africa over the period of 6 weeks has trained 30 young women in Digital Media where participants were exposed to Graphic Design, Photography, Videography, Sound Design, Digital Marketing, Creative Writing, and Blogging and seeks to crown the training with a Local Startup Pitch Summit which will be held on Saturday, July 3, 2021, at Women’s Haven Africa in Kumasi.
About Women’s Haven Africa
Women’s Haven Africa is an innovative entrepreneurial female hub creating a friendly and productive environment for the growth and development of women-led businesses, projects, and initiatives. Women’s Haven Africa provides business support services and connects innovative young women, startups, women-led organizations, and women leaders with the business support, tools, and resources to thrive. Women’s Haven Africa seeks to produce an empowered and influential community of female innovators who provide viable and sustainable solutions for various challenges faced in the world and is focused on increasing the participation of women in Entrepreneurship, Leadership, and Technology.
About Ghana Tech Lab
Ghana Tech Lab is an open collaborative tech space for competent Digital skills training, seeding innovations, and growing Startups established under the Ministry of Communications’ e-Transform project with funding from the World Bank and a product of the Pathways to Sustainable Employment (PaSE) project.
Description of the Kumasi North Startup Summit
The Kumasi North Startup Summit is an excellent opportunity for startups from the data science program to be propelled to the next level, through constructive business development and investor-readiness feedback to engender possible funding from the community of local investors.
Objectives of the Local Startup Summit
The Local Startup Summit has 4 objectives it aims to achieve which are to:
• Promote and celebrate the startup culture within the local ecosystem and also encourage entrepreneurship among the youth.
• Create easy access to funding and business support for early-stage startups.
• Create a conducive platform for investors, innovators, and entrepreneurs to converge at one place to share ideas, and experiences and explore areas of mutual interest and collaboration for a thriving digital economy, and,
• Enable startup founders to pitch their innovative ideas to local investors, business leaders, and the local community.
Women’s Haven Africa is committed to increasing the participation of young women in digital skills, reducing the gender gap in tech, and raising female tech giants in Africa through its programs and initiatives.

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