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Kumasi Traders Laud Mayor For Excellent Performance, Petition Nana Addo To Give Him Four More Years



Scores of traders within the Central Business District of Kumasi Metropolis have petitioned President Akuffo-Addo to retain the current mayor of KMA Hon Osei Assibey in office.

Their call was premised on the litany of support plus other unprecedented developmental interventions which they have and are enjoying under his leadership unlike other outgone Mayors.

At a press briefing held in Kumasi , the traders touched on his humility, quick response to concerns of traders, openness, fair mindedness, detailing that Hon Osei Assibey is the only mayor in history, who has really been able to establish a solid and cordial relationship between traders and the assembly.

“He has helped us in many ways. He has never ignored concerns pertaining to our business and any time we draw his attention, he gives us a quick response.”, Auntie Nkrumah; spokesperson for the group indicated.

According to them, Hon Assibey is matchless and that bringing a different person to man the affairs of the Metropolis will trigger a great havoc for NPP as a party.

Adding her voice, one trader by name Mama Vida averred that Mayor Osei Assibey deserves to be maintained in office since he has done nothing wrong to necessitate the dissolution of his mandate.

“Some of our colleague traders are just recalcitrant. If you don’t exercise enough care, you may end up drawing conclusions that the Mayor is doing nothing. The mayor has done so much for traders in Kumasi especially in the area of sanitation, provision of conducive environment for our trade, security. His is the only government official who has given us enough support in the wake of COVID-19.

NPP will be highly disadvantaged if Nana Addo decides to bring a different person for that position.”

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