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Kuntase Manhene clears air over demolition of community centre


Omanhene of Kuntase traditional council ,Ogyeabour Barimah Amankwaah Adunan II has denied an allegation of demolishing a community center in the area.

According to him, the unit committee members  of the electoral area concocted the story just  to tarnish his good image.

It will be recalled that the Unit committee members in Kuntase led by their chairman
accused Kuntase manhene ,Ogyeabour Barimah Amankwaaah Adunan II of demolishing their community center which is a storey building and also sold their ten thousand blocks on the land for himself but Ogyeabour Barimah Amankwaaah Omanhene of Kuntase believes such statement was concorted story to tarnish his image.

Denying the allegations, the chief said his vision was to build a palace for the traditional council, so to make his decision come through, he decided to take a land his predecessor left for the same purpose. The chief said it is not true that there was a storey building on said land which he demolished it .

Again he denied the allegations that he sold over nine thousands of blocks on the land .

He told the press that he informed the unit committee members of his intentions to use the land at first for the palace project and even promised to give the Unit Committee different land to build the community center and also pay for for the project they have started of which they agreed. I don’t understand why they have turned around and accused me of demolishing a community center, he said.

The chief said because of the disrespect the committee has shown to him, he has banned the Kuntanase unit committee from imposing levies on the people.
Meanwhile the chief has set up another committee to collect funeral levies and other levies too .

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