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“Laughtertainment “, An Uncivilized Dimension In Radio These Days-Media Counsellors



MEDIA COUNSELLORS have observed an unpleasant development on some radio and TV stations that needs to be addressed.

The foundational principles of radio stations (or TV) are entertainment, education and information. But many radio stations in Ghana have added another element which we would like to label as “Laughtertainment”.

“Laughtertainment” is the excessive use of “concert” presentation, especially by the usage of names of human sex organs or sexual language in a “concert”
manner, particularly in Twi language, adopted by some presenters of some radio stations. This is certainly not good, especially, for children who listen to such news or programmes.

News reading is supposed to be a serious programme but this jovial way of presentation has now been introduced into News. Sensitive sexual abuse issues such as rape, sexual molestation and sexual harassment are often presented in “laughtertainment” manner, indirectly teasing the offended person. This is not nice at all.

Slight “laughtertainment” may be used to spice some programmes but it should be noted that the repetitive mention of human private parts (sex organs) raw in Twi on radio and TV programmes is quite unethical, disgusting,
inappropriate and extremely uncivilized; and should not be condoned. Media Counsellors hereby plead with on-air personalities and producers of radio and
TV programmes to desist from the abuse of “laughtertainment”.

Henceforth, it is suggested that the saying “Freedom of Speech” should be changed to “Freedom of Good Speech”. People should be educated to use decent or polite language on radio and TV.

To all listeners, please, when you speak on radio or TV, do not provoke, do not incite. Let us all support to clean and calm the airwaves to maintain peace in Ghana.

Wilfred Yeboah-Kodie
(Project Coordinator) Foster 

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