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Leadership and Integrity: Hon Ablakwa the democrat




The Caucus for Democratic Governance, Ghana (CDG-GH) would like to congratulate Hon Okudzeto Ablakwa, MP for North Tong, for resigning his position as member of parliamentary vetting committee. His conscience will not agree with the Minority leadership decisions. He is indeed a principled man whose integrity and morals can not be compromised.

Such show of integrity are common in advanced democracies . In Egypt, the county`s Transport Minister, Hishan Arafat, last week resigned because two trains collided resulting in 25 dead and 50 injured. In India the Railway Minister,
Litish Kuna, resigned because of media criticism after collision of two trains. In England, British Prime Minister, Cameron, resigned in June 2016 because the Referendum he called for, did not go his way. In England, a member of the House of Lords quit his government post because he came late to answer questions on bills he had earlier tabled. This is the democracy that respects the Constitution and honour people who voted them into office.

Surprisingly, things are quite different in our democracy. Since 2017, research has recorded over 140 corrupt cases and glaring breaches of Constitution; involving the President, Ministers, Government appointees and CEO`s. Not one person found it necessary to resign. There was the $100,000 payment, for seat next to the President at an investors program; there was the $200,000 charge before you see the President; there was galamsay corruption payments to Mr Bissue at President`s office; there was inflation of cost of AMERII contract; there was KELVIN corrupt deal; GPS/Asaase corrupt deal and many cases of procurement fraud. Not one person resigned out of integrity.

Governance advocacy teaches us that Government positions and Government appointments are not for the President but for the State. The President, Ministers, and other appointees are care takers. Care takers should not pretend to possess the positions. The oath they swear before appointment, should be enough to force them out of office when they are found corrupt or incompetent.

Unfortunately, the Finance Minister and the part being played by his Data Bank is a clear breach of conflict of interest. The Government of Ghana Bonds being purchased by Data Bank agents amounts to conflict of interest. In 2019, the Finance Minister Mr Ken Ofori Atta, under oath presented wrong figures to Parliament and weeks later, presented the correct damaging figures on the collapsing economy to IMF to induce borrowing. Such dishonest practice requires immediate resignation. Ghana is in financial distress ! Ghana is indeed bankrupt ! We do not have the capacity to service our 299 billion debt ! Ken Ofori Atta must resign immediately.

Ghana`s Constitution is flawed, and trampled upon by appointees and those voted into office. Institutions are not functioning because they have misplaced allegiance and priorities. How serious is the oath we take before taking office?

Dr E.K.Hayford
Executive Director
0277606338 / 0243609277

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