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Let’s build cashless society and kick against E-levy, Lawyer Ofosu Agyare 

Lawyer Elizabeth Ofosu Agyare ,Member of Parliament (MP) for Techiman North  has entreated Ghanaians to support building a cashless society by rejecting the Electronic Levy (E-levy) which to her intend to discourage building cashless society and collapse Momo vendors businesses as expected .
Speaking at a Town Hall Meeting at Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology ((KNUST), she stated that the economy is in gutters and shambolic with the substandard management of the Akufo-Addo-Bawumia’s government .
She was of the view that, the addition of the electronic Levy would worsen the situation with the acceptance of the E-Levy in the blind eyes of Ghanaians, hence has been suspended.
Mrs. Agyare stated that, the Electronic transmission bill 2021, means deducting of 1.75 in any electronic transaction from the users telcos which includes MTN tigo, Vodafone and other additional percentage deducted by the vendors
According to her, there is no law which says gov’t should take 1.75 from your money, says saving money on Momo help the lifespan of the money, and observed that, the government has taken all the taxes and nothing else hence compelling Ghanaians to pay E-levy through taking monies from the Ghanaians populice mobile phones.
She suggested that, if the government wants eleviate the hardship the citizenry are going through, it’s should not addd another burden to them, hence the minority decision to kick against the E-levy, as the E-levy stand to destroy business especially the smaller ones
Cameron and other countries has made it but collapse Momo businesses , hence the need to learn lesson from them.
There must be a stakeholders and consolidation with Momo vendors, telcos and the minority, in parliament.
Government should look into the Auditor General report, as Ghana has lost over Gh¢12 billion from corruption and irregularities so the Gh¢ 6.9 million can not safe the economy and the borrowing
She urged the President Nana Addo Dankwah to cut down spending, stop hiring of airplane, cut down aid to appointees.
The MP disclosed that, the government says only 2.4% Ghanaians voluntarily pay taxes and argue if such percentage would exempt from pay the E-levy or they would still pay the E-levy.
Paying taxes for Mahama you see infrastructural facilities like those in Kumasi which she said Christine Kumasi as (Kumerica) because of one of the best modern market in Africa.
E-levy is just a taxation on your money, we would support good and responsible taxes but not E-levy, she stressed.

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