Let’s consider public office holders swearing under the Oath of deities/shrines-Breman Chief suggests



Nana Baffour Kotei Sramah Ababio, Chief of Breman in the Suame municipality has suggested that, its time the constitution of Ghana includes the swearing of public office holders under the Oath of deities or shrines.
According to him, Ghanaians are no scared of swearing with the Bible or Qur’an and would always lie under the Oath and take their own ways after occupied their portfolios.
Nana Kotei Sramah, make the called at the launching of Oduma-Buosika festival at Komfuor Manu residence on last Sunday that coincided with the Akwasidai.
He entreated Ghanaians to cherish our own cultural values and prioritize what we have as Africans, added that, before the Bible Africans were having their own beliefs and way of worship, hence did not buy the idea from most Christian denominations seeing the traditional beliefs as evils or worshiping idols and satanic spirit.
He is of the view that, before the Bible came into African, people were afraid and scared of committing crimes or engaging in criminal activities and to the large extent bribery and corruption very minimal, but now we have all come to understand that Christianity and Islamic is the way to go with the perceptions and assumptions that traditional beliefs are satanic or evil, yet the more criminal activities or bribery and corruption are so rampant everyday, yet we sworn under the Oath of Bible and Qur’an.
Nana Kotei Sramah Ababio suggested that Ghanaians as citizens of the country especially the stakeholders should consider the wearing under the Oath of deities or shrines from the public office holders and see as the whether we can all safe the situation and devoid of lying under the Oath of Bible and Qur’an yet decided doing our own things without the fear of God in us as a people.
Nana disclosed that, since the inceptions of Komfuor Manu, at Breman, he has done so many things in the interest of the developmental agenda of the people both physically and spiritually, and commended him for the good works he has performed in the area and beyond without going contrary to his own reputation and the residents of Breman as a whole.

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