Let’s do well to protect ourselves from HIV/AIDS -MP Hopeful for Amenfi Central to Ghanaians



Member of Parliament hopeful for Amenfi Central in the Western Region on the ticket of the NDC has admonished constituents and Ghanaians at large to do well to protect themselves from contacting HIV/AIDS.

Giving statistics ,the only female politician to have won the Amenfi Central Parliamentary Primaries indicated that a whooping population of 16,574 have been infected with the virus in Ghana.

She said,out of the 16,574 victims, per the report by the Ghana Aids Commission in 2022, 10,927 are males and 5,647 are females.

She was however worried about the rate at which the disease is spreading in Ghana and called on every single soul to be vigilant because the deadly HIV/AIDS disease is real and lives with us.

She made it known that,it was about time people should realize that the disease has come to stay with us and the only way to get rid of it is to practice safe sex by either staying with your partner alone or use condom with an unknown partner during sexual intercourse.

Another way she indicated was to desist from the habit of sharing razor blades already used by unknown persons.These and other foregoing characters she deduced will help to reduce the rapid rate of contacting the virus.

“Fellow Amenfi Central;Hon Joana Gyan-Cudjoe needs healthy and productive youth in order to develop our constituency,let’s do well to protect ourselves from HIV/AIDS” .She indicated in a statement copied to the media this evening.

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