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Mampong Akuapim traditional council warns mce,fire officer over relocation of fire station


Mampong Akwapim Traditional council has warned the Mampong Fire service manager Mary Quarcoo and the Municipal Chief Executive (MCE) for Akwapim North Hon Barimah Larbi not to move the fire service station from Mampong Akwapim.

At Press conference, Nana Yirenkyi l Mampong Akwapim Apesemakahene indicated that Mampong was the only town that gave their land for the service for the past 40years.

According to Nana Yirenkyi I, they have solved the problems the service was having regarding the fire station.

Mampong Akwapim Traditional council is therefore calling on the Manager to bring back all the computers they have taken away from the office last Friday.

They said, Mampong is the center in Akwapim in terms of government jobs and that they can’t take the fire service away from there.

“This is our last warning if they failed to listen to us we will advise our self. Akwapim North Mampong is part of the town who give more vote so if they think voting has ended so they can do whatever they want, we will leave to see.”

They said the Council would petition the Interior Minister if the fire service manager fails to listen to their demands.


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