Man impregnates  4 of his wife’s bridesmaids, friends from their wedding



A distressed Zambian woman has come out after months to lament about an infidelity that has happened between her husband and four Bridesmaids from their wedding.

According to the woman, her husband impregnated all of the four beautiful bridesmaids who happened to also be her friends.

“I once told them how a beast my husband is in bed when we went out on a girls’ date. One of them became curious and started sending my husband messages.

At first, I did not bother to pay attention because I trusted them as my own sisters who could protect me, but when one got pregnant, I was interested; then it happened that within the same time, all my four friends became pregnant for my husband”, she revealed.

According to opinions from netizens, her friends became curious like the cat and wanted to ascertain the facts on what she was saying which led to her cute predicament.

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