Manso Nweneso:Residents mobilize funds to construct Health Centre



Chiefs, Residents and Assembly member of Manso Nweneso as part of efforts to bring quality Heath care close to the doorstep of the people have mobiliszed funds to put up ultramodern health center for the people of Nweneso in Amansie South District.

The program which was spearheaded by the assembly member of the area ,Hon Acheampong George Duku was graced by clergies , children chiefs and other key personalities in the area.

The facility is expected to have Male and Female wards, Labour ward , reception, dressing and injection room, Consulting room ,changing room, washroom and records department is expected to be completed within six months.
Addressing the colourful event in a short ceremony the Assembly man of Nweneso, Mpatasie electoral area Hon.Acheampong Duku George opined that Amansie South District is one of the biggest district in Ashanti region but it has blessed with just two health facilities so the motive behind this project will help the people in our area to get access to quality health care service without passing through any difficulties.
He added that this project after it completion will reduce the pressure at the St.martin hospital which is the only hospitals in the area.
Hon. Acheampong Duku George revealed that the Amansie South District is currently facing inadequate access to chip compound so we decided to come together and mobilize funds to put up such infrastructure and this project will definitely serve it purpose by enhancing quality health service delivery.
He added that bad road network is also affecting the healthcare delivery since a lot of people lose their life when trying to seek for health care which he appealed to the government to come to their aid by providing them with good road network.
Hon. Acheampong Duku George also appealed to the government to come and complete the first aid toilet project which has turned to be white elephant project.
On their part, Some residents of Manso Nweneso also expressed their heartfelt to welcome the project adding that the project if completed will save them from traveling a long distance to seek for quality health care delivery.
In conclusion Nana Opiah Mensah Otumfuor Werempehene of Manso Mem called on the good people of the area to unite and push hard to develop the community. He indicated that development is a share responsibility between the government and the people which he warn the people to abstaining themselves in boycotting communal labourer stressing anyone who will defy communal labour must be punish to server deterrent to others.
He emphasized that communal labour is one of the best way that the forefathers used to champion the development of every community so it it absolutely wrong for anyone who will refuse to participate in every communal labour activities in his catchment area.
Nana Opiah Mensah opined that the project is been finance by the community and for that matter there is the need for everyone in the community to contribute him or her part to see the completion of the project.

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