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Meet the man Issah Salifu Taylor; Political Messiah For Tarkwa Nsuaem Constituency



Issah Salifu Taylor ,born into
a distinguished family with a rich heritage in Tarkwa Nsuaem will  make election 2024 a tough one for the non performing NPP Member of Parliament for the area,Mr Mireku Duker.

Isaiah Salifu Taylor who has his mother, Juliana Amoah, originates from the esteemed Benso royal family, where his grandfather, Nana Kwabena Amoah, previously served as a respected worker at Africa Manganese Cooperation (AMC), now known as GMC, and also held the position of Union chairman has put many resources together to change the face of Tarkwa Nsuaem and it adjoining communities.

Additionally, his uncle, Mr. Kwobena Amoah Junior, bestowed his blessings upon his nephew, Nana Kwamina Enimil, to ascend to the position of Overlord of Wassa Fiasi, thereby making Nana Kwamina Enimil both Issah Salifu
Taylor’s half-brother and cousin.

On his father’s side, Robert S. Taylor was born to Maame Kabin, a member of the Tarkwa Banso Ahene abusua. Robert held the esteemed positions of Village Master, Security Manager, and Administrative Manager at Ghana National Manganese Cooperation
(GNMC), now known as GMC. Sheikh was born in Nsuta, further enriching his connection to the local communities.

Social Life:

Hon. Issah Salifu Taylor’s personal life reflects his commitment to community, family, and philanthropy. As a devoted family man, he takes pride in his multi faith household, where both Islamic and Christian traditions are embraced.

Known for his community-oriented spirit, he actively engages in philanthropic endeavors, extending support to individuals from diverse backgrounds.

His generous efforts include providing
seed capital to aspiring entrepreneurs, many of whom have flourished into successful business owners.

Additionally, he has played a pivotal role in advancing education by sponsoring students from primary to university levels, ensuring access to quality
education for those in need.

Hon. Issah Salifu Taylor’s dedication to youth empowerment is evident in his facilitation of permanent job placements for numerous young individuals, paving the way for their professional success.

Beyond his philanthropic work, he has demonstrated a passion for sports, particularly football, and has generously supported local football clubs within the constituency, fostering a sense of community and friendship.

Moreover, he enjoys playing golf and serves as the sole founder and sponsor
of Itaylor golf club at Nsuta, further exemplifying his commitment to recreational activities and community engagement.

Political Journey

Issah Salifu Taylor has been a consistent member and supporter of the National
Democratic Congress (NDC) since the year 2000, demonstrating unwavering dedication and generosity towards the party’s cause.

In 2007, Taylor made a significant Contribution by supporting in acquiring the first pickup vehicle for the party’s campaign efforts.

He massively contributed financially during the 2008 election which brought the NDC to power by increasing our vote from 15,210 to over 28,000. He has remained actively involved in grassroots politics, particularly in his branch at Nsuta, where his support has been instrumental in strengthening the party’s presence within the community.

Taylor’s financial support has been pivotal during electoral campaigns, with notable contributions in 2012, where he emerged as one of the topmost financiers alongside late Dr. Scali Agodzo. In subsequent elections, including 2016 and the climax in 2020, Issah Salifu Taylor’s unwavering commitment and substantial financial backing significantly boosted the party’s campaign efforts.

Beyond financial contributions, Issah Salifu Taylor has played a key role in enhancing the party’s infrastructure, notably contributing to the acquisition of a new party office to modernize operations within the constituency.

He has facilitated employment Opportunities for party youth and supported others in establishing their own businesses, contributing to economic empowerment within the
party’s ranks.

Issah Salifu Taylor’s political journey is a testament to his steadfast dedication and exemplary leadership within the NDC. His contributions have not only shaped the trajectory of the party but have also lasting impact on the community.

Educational Journey:

Hon. Issah Salifu Taylor’s educational journey began at Nsuta Roman Catholic School for his primary and Middle School education.

He then ended at Tarkwa
Senior Secondary School (TARSCO), completing his studies in 1990. Despite financial challenges, Sheikh displayed remarkable resilience, working in the Akon mine pit Galamsey) during his secondary education to support his studies. His athleticism at
TARSCO earned him the nickname “Ben Johnson” due to his exceptional speed.

Educational Achievements:

Hon. Issah Salifu Taylor’s commitment to personal and professional development is evident in his academic achievements:

** Master of Philosophy in Mining and Natural Resource Management from Selinus University of Science and Literature, Italy.

 MBA in International Business Administration from IICSE University, Wilmington, Delaware, USA
 BSc in Logistics and Supply Chain Management from IICSE University, Wilmington, Delaware, USA
 Diploma in Purchasing and Supply from Punjab Technical University, Jalandhar,
 Certificate in Store Administration from the Chartered Institute of Purchasing and Supply, UK.
 Ordinary Level Certificate from Tarkwa Senior Secondary School.

Professional Accomplishments: Hon. Issah Salifu Taylor, affectionately known as “Sheikh,” began his professional journey as a labourer with Gari Sika Enterprise (GSE), a sanitation company.

His exceptional work ethic and unwavering dedication quickly garnered
attention on, leading to his recruitment by Ghana Manganese Company Ltd (GMC) in 1996 as a store clerk. Over the years, Issah Salifu Taylor’s exemplary leadership qualities and
managerial prowess propelled him through various roles within GMC. Advancing from a store clerk to position of increasing responsibility, including store supervisor in 2000 and
store superintendent in 2004, he ultimately made history in 2009 as the first African to be appointed Commercial Manager—a position typically reserved for expatriates.

This achievement is a testament to his strategic vision and ability to deliver results, earning him widespread recognition in the industry. Additionally, Issah Salifu Taylor has demonstrated his entrepreneurial acumen through successful ventures in business and

He is a prominent businessman and farmer, boasting a large rubber plantation located in Domeabra, a village near Tarkwa Banso. This venture further highlights his diverse skills and his commitment to contributing to the economic development of his
community. In 2020, Issah Salifu Taylor attained another significant milestone in his career with his appointment as the General Port Operations Manager at GMC. This prestigious position underscores his exceptional leadership abilities and his pivotal role in enhancing
logistics, cargo handling, and operational efficiency at GMC’s port operations, thereby driving the company’s continued success and growth.

Leadership and Seminars: Throughout his career, Issah Salifu Taylor has displayed exemplary leadership and a commitment to continuous improvement. He has attended
various workshops and seminars, including:

 Certificate of Participation in Negotiation Skills for the World of Work from the International Training Centre, Turin, Italy (2017).

 Cultural Diversity Training Programme (2012) by Ghana Manganese Company

 Executive Health and Safety Management Training (2010) by Ghana Manganese Company Limited
 Seminar on Interest-Based Bargaining (2005) by Ghana Manganese Company

 Seminar on the New Labour Law (2005) by Ghana Manganese Company Limited.

 Operational Improvement Management Training Cultural workshop (2002) by
Ghana Manganese Company Limited
Conclusion: Hon. Issah Salifu Taylor embodies a rare blend of leadership, dedication, and community service. His illustrious career journey from a humble beginning as a labourer to his groundbreaking achievements as the General Port Operations Manager at Ghana Manganese Company Limited (GMC) stands as a testament to his exceptional abilities and unwavering commitment to excellence. Beyond his professional accomplishments, Issah
Salifu Taylor’s philanthropic Endeavor’s and community-oriented approach reflect his deep-rooted values and commitment to uplifting those around him.

As the NDC Parliamentary Candidate, Issah Taylor’s vision extends far beyond personal success; it encompasses fostering positive change and development within the Tarkwa
Nsuaem Constituency.

His diverse skills, combined with his passion for education, youth
empowerment, and economic development, position him as a transformative leader poised to make a significant impact on the lives of constituents.

With a steadfast dedication on to improving healthcare, education, infrastructure, and livelihoods, Issah
Taylor exemplifies the embodiment of progressive leadership and a beacon of hope for a brighter future in the Constituency.

In essence, Hon. Issah Salifu Taylor’s journey from his humble beginnings to his current standing as a prominent figure in both business and politics serves as an Inspiration to all.

His unwavering commitment to service, coupled with his visionary leadership, makes him a formidable force for positive change and progress in the Tarkwa Nsuaem Constituency
and beyond.

He’s 56 years of age.

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