Meet The ‘Ugliest’ Woman In The World’ And Why She Turned Down Over 20 Marriage Proposals




Julia Pastrana, known as the “ugliest” woman on Earth, gained notoriety as the “bear woman” due to her perceived resemblance to an “ape woman.” Despite possessing remarkable intelligence and exceptional skills, Julia faced constant insults from her family and others.

Tragically, her maternal uncle sold her to a circus, exploiting her appearance and earning substantial profits by presenting her as the World’s Ugliest Woman. During the 19th century, she became one of the most renowned human curiosities, captivating audiences worldwide as the “bearded lady,” both in life and even after her death.

Julia suffered from two rare genetic conditions, hypertrichosis and gingival hyperplasia, which caused excessive facial hair growth and a prominent jawline.

But why did she decline over 20 marriage proposals? Despite her unconventional appearance, Julia secretly married her manager, Theodore Lent. Later, she revealed that she had turned down numerous suitors due to their financial instability, which she had experienced in previous encounters.

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