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Minority calls for independent enquiry into the Bogoso explosion



The Minority in Parliament has received the tragic news of an explosion in Apiate, a town close to Bogoso in the Western Region in which several lives and properties were lost.

Credible reports confirm that a motorcycle run into a vehicle carrying explosives resulting in the carnage leading to loss of lives and destruction of properties.

This incident is unacceptable because there are strict laid down protocols to be followed during transportation of such explosives in accordance with LI2177.

It is our firm conviction that with strict regulatory enforcement and compliance of protocols, this unfortunate incident could have been averted.

The Minority is therefore calling for an impartial enquiry into this heart-wrenching accident and unfortunate lost of at least seventeen lives and destruction of several properties.

This enquiry among others will prevent the recurrence of such an incident in the future.

We therefore call on the government to do all within its powers to support the affected people in order to ameliorate their lost.

The Minority wish to join well meaning Ghanaians to commiserate and share in the pain and anguish of all affected people.


John Abdulai Jinapor

Ranking Member, Mines and Energy Committee

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