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Miss Natural Beauty Ghana 2023 Launched



Miss Natural Beauty Ghana was launched yesterday at the International Press Centre in

Speaking to the media at the launch, The Director for the Miss Natural Beauty Ghana, Madam Grace Ayishetu Musa appealed to organisers of beauty pageants to project African beauty standards instead of accepting global beauty standards.

She bemoaned the fact that most beauty pageants orgnised in the continent of Africa adhered to the norms set by the world order and were typically intolerant to the genuine African appearance thus crippling the confidence of the youth.

Madam Musa made these remarks to the press on the sidelines at the launch of Miss Natural Beauty Ghana organised by Kente Business Journal today Wednesday March 29, 2023 in Accra.

We have followed the world order to set a certain standard for beauty that most often is intolerant of the real definition of African beauty.

It has become such that if you do not have a certain physique, facial features, or a certain skin color particularly light-skinned among others, you are not considered beautiful. And that is making most of our young girls indulge in certain procedures to meet such standards.

This shouldn’t be the case; we must use every platform we have and particularly the beauty pageant space to project the true African beauty that embraces everything the African woman possesses. It should not be what someone out there thinks, but what we see and love and believe make us unique “, she said.

Madam Grace Ayishetu Musa said, young people needed to stop allowing themselves to be mainly defined by their skin colour and accept themselves for who they are.

There is diversity in African beauty and that is what makes us uniquely beautiful. If we accept them and shine through that we can save ourselves the cost of body enhancement processes that sometimes come with its added complications.

As an African woman in your prime, be proud of what you have and feel good in your skin..That is the only way you can build your confidence and self-esteem to face the world”,

Miss Natural Beauty Ghana is aimed at projecting the natural African beauty will scout for young women between the ages of 18 and 35 who are self- assured and can make a statement with their natural appearance.

The winner of Miss Natural Beauty Ghana 2023 earns the following, (1) First , the title of Miss Natural Beauty Ghana 2023, (2) The Crown (3) A cash prize of GHC 10,000 (4) Products and services from their Sponsors, (5) Some travel opportunities, and (6) Becomes the face of the Natural Beauty Magazine to be introduced by the KBJ for one year.

All interested participants can register through the website…www:.missnaturalbeautyafrica.com and follow the prompts. The fee for registration as a participant is GHC 150.OO.


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