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Missing Takoradi Girls, A Presidential Conspiracy? -Mensah Thompson Of ASEPA Writes

  A few days ago I wrote an article on the communication posture of the President titled is the President haunted by his own thoughts? The article clearly brought to light how the handlers of the President’s communication are doing a poor job and how the President is mostly left unguided making him make statements that clearly suggests the opposite of the reality.The article recieved a lot of mixed reviews, so for those who connected with the article and agreed with my observations, here’s an icing on the cake for you! You see, the way the Takoradi girls got missing, and throughout the entire time they were missing, the President consistently snubbed the families, none of the handlers of the President was able to arrange to bring these families to the Flagstaff House atleast for a Presidential Consolation is a whole angle to this kidnapping drama that should not be left undiscussed. Then President travels to Takoradi and still could not find time to visit these troubling families.Then news of the DNA results comes out confirming the girls are dead and the President is the first person to call this families to console them.(Really!)Whilst the IGP was on a Press Conference telling the nation that the girls are dead, the President was already on phone waiting to extend his condolences to the families.(I don’t know whether what the President wanted extend was his personal Condolences or on behalf of the nation)But Isn’t this suspicious?Isn’t it suspicious that the President could not wait to get a report on how the families recieved the news, whether the families will accept the results or will decide to contest it or will request a second confirmation test atleast before he decides whether to extend his condolences or not.Isn’t it suspicious that with all the windows still open in this case the President still wanted to extend his condolences to the families telling them by force your children are dead!….(isn’t this suspicious)  The President posture on this matter clearly suggests that he just couldn’t wait for this case to be over, at whose expense he doesn’t care.All he wanted was that this drama of “bring back our girls” would be over!As a Political Strategist, if you ask me I think the President’s posture and the timing of his phone call to the families (after the DNA test) considering his indifference since the matter began, seriously cast doubt on the entire DNA results and lay credence to whatever conspiracy that people are suggesting that the girls are still alive. Personally I don’t think the girls are dead anyway, but as to which of the conspiracies I believe, i think i am more inclined towards Presidential Conspiracy because whatever cover up that is being done by the Police, the President is seriously at the heart of it. As to whose interest this is to serve, i cannot immidiately tell, all I can say is that once again the President may have just been exposed by his own communication. The President’s posture and body language are speaking a lot of silent volumes on this matter which will be extremely irrational to ignore! Mensah Thompson Executive DirectorASEPA 05421206280243019131 Feel free send me feedback 0542120628 (whatsapp only)Source Foster 

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