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Mother marries own son, claiming  she spent a lot of money on his education and that her money will not be wasted



In Malawai, a 47-year-old woman married her biological 30-year-old son in a simple white ceremony.

The announcement of their marriage has sparked controversy in Malawi and around the world.

Memory Njemani, the woman, said in a Malawian newspaper that she married her son because she had spent a significant amount of money on his schooling.

She believes that she cannot work for someone else to profit from her sweat, thus she must take pleasure in her investment.

“I put a lot of money into my son’s schooling. Why should another woman be married to him and benefit from my investment of time and effort in him? That is not going to happen. She bemoaned, “I’m marrying my kid so that we don’t empower other ladies who have been aborting.”

Netizens, on the other hand, have accused the mother of coercing her son into marrying her, claiming that no guy in his right mind would do so.

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