Nana Agyemang Amponsah optimistic of winning Asante Akyim Central NPP parliamentary Primaries,Places #2 On the Ballot



Nana Agyemang Amponsah, a very fantastic and energetic politician is much determined to win the yet to be held Parliamentary Primaries on the ticket of the ruling New Patriotic Party at Asante Akyim Central on January 27th,2024.

Speaking to the media at the Party’s Ashanti Regional office in Kumasi today,he was satisfied with the work of the vetting committee and described the process as very smooth of which nothing untoward happened during the process.

He is number two on the ballot paper.

According to him he’s been courting the ruling New Patriotic Party since 2017 and believes his grounds work since the last seven to eight years will speak for him on the election day.

He said,”as a political party like NPP, we should reverse that downward trend of parliamentary votes we have witnessed over the last two cycles.

The difference between 2016 votes and 2020 in Asante Akyim Central was close to about five to six thousand, meaning that if we do not begin to arrest the situation and we do not change the face of the NPP parliamentary candidate going to 2024 elections we might end up having lot of issues so I believe that our MP has done his bit ,he has served for 16 years ,thus his 4 term in Parliament, so we believe that it’s about time he exits so that some of us ,thus the youth who have served the party would have the chance to serve our people in Parliament and the party at large.”He maintained.

He was of the view that ,”the January 27th elections is just an internal contest specifically and in any internal contest the hope is that you will be able to increase vote margins come elections day,you don’t go to internal elections wanting to to come out and in the general elections you go and lose so if the NPP wants to win power in election 2024 to break the eight with Asante Akyim Central included then the must be a change ,the constituents in there must see a new face and I’m the best candidate to lead the NPP in Asante Akyim Central Constituency.”He maintained.

Source: Ayisah Foster



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