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NBU Staff train Assembly members on resource mobilisation


Assembly members of Asokore Mampong Municipal Assembly have been schooled on mechanisms they can utilize to mobilize resources for the development of their respective electoral areas.

The above formed part of periodic training events organised by officials of the No Business As Usual (NBU) Project at their hub located within the Municipality.

It was aimed at helping them overcome the challenge of unavailability of resources to implement programs which impeeds development.

Speakers for the event were Dr. Terry Kessie; Executive Director for Network for Empowered Youth for Development (NEYOD) and assembly woman for Ankaase electoral area at Bosome Freho District Hon Sharon Mensah.

The foremost trained them on the concept of local resource mobilisation, how to get local resources, how to identify mechanisms that are appropriate for resource mobilisation etc.

He also conscientised them on some behavourial qualities which they have to exhibit in other to get resources from providers which are; credibility, strong reputation, positive image, mutual respect among others.

Dr. Terry Kessie strongly underlined in his presentation that “the biggest threat to local resource mobilisation are activities , ideas and association that cause sharp division in society.”

They are partisan politics, tribalism, racism, religious conflict, corruption, discrimination etc.

Assembly woman for Akaase also shared with participants how she manages to mobilize resources to execute developmental projects in her area.

She advised assembly members to do away with partisan divisions, have respect for authorities and work in unity so as to earn resources for development.


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