NDC consistently making mistakes choosing running mate from Central Region – Historian



Lawyer Anokye Frimpong, a historian, lawyer and an Nkrumaist has stated that the NDC as a political party has consistently made a mistake in its political history by choosing its running mates from the Central Region.

According to him, the people of the Central Region and Greater Accra are very liberal and very discerning, highly educated and have produced a lot of scholars and elites so their votes are based on competence and not tribalistic.


He is of the view that if NDC wants to win power in election 2024, the party must consider picking a running mate from the Ashanti Region.

“Ashanti Region covers Ahafo, Eastern and part of Western so considering someone from the Ashanti Region will automatically win victory for NDC because Ashanti’s are conservative (tribalistic) and would not necessarily vote based on competence but would consider their own, “he told Captain Smart on Onua Maakye show this morning (on Thursday) and monitored by broadcastergh.com.

Lawyer Anokye Frimpong throwing more light on the political fortunes of the NDC in election 2024 disclosed that when it comes to mobilization of funds to support electioneering campaign the Ashantis and those in the Eastern part of Ghana can easily mobilise because they are business oriented people but those in the Central Region only concentrate on education and are less financially endowed.

As a result, as an opposition political party that is desperate for power would need money for which reason considering someone from the Ashanti Region as the running mate of John Dramani Mahama will help the NDC win power in election 2024.

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