NDC MP For Amenfi Central Summoned



The Functional Executive Committee (FEC) of the National Democratic Congress (NDC) has summoned Peter Yaw Kwakye-Ackah, the Member of Parliament for Amenfi Central, to appear before the Political Affairs Committee. This move comes in response to allegations that he has been instigating troubles for his successor, Joana Gyan, the newly elected parliamentary candidate for the constituency.

The decision was made during an FEC meeting on June 5, 2024, aimed at addressing disputes that have emerged since the recent primaries. These post-primary tensions have led to significant internal party strife, prompting the FEC to take decisive action.

As part of these measures, four key protégés of Peter Yaw Kwakye-Ackah have been suspended for six months, with the possibility of renewal, pending further investigations into the charges against them. The suspended executives are Mr. Raphael Andoh Kwaw, Constituency Chairman; Mr. Richmond Aleke, Constituency Organizer; Madam Grace Kwaw, Women’s Organizer; and Madam Janet Fynn, Deputy Women’s Organizer.

Sources within the party allege that these individuals have been manipulated by Peter Kwame-Ackah to undermine Joana Gyan, who won the party’s primary in a competitive race against seven other candidates, including Kwame-Ackah himself.

A press release issued by Fifi Kwetey, the General Secretary of the NDC, confirmed the committee’s decision and outlined the reasons for the disciplinary actions. “MP Peter Yaw Kwakye-Ackah has been summoned to appear before the party’s Political Affairs Committee to justify his actions and to explain why he should not face sanctions for his alleged disruptive behavior,” the release stated.

“Joana has not known peace since she announced her ambition, throughout the primary, and even after her overwhelming victory in May 2023.

Despite her decisive win of 756 votes against incumbent Peter Yaw Kwakye-Ackah’s 575 votes, Peter-Ackah, bruised by the outcome, has relentlessly tried to eliminate her from the process. Since his humiliating defeat, he has continued his diabolical scheme to remove Joana Gyan from his path in the constituency,” said a ward organizer, hailing the decision by the FEC.
Meanwhile, the NDC has in a strategic move to stabilize the situation and demonstrate the party’s support for Gyan, the NDC has appointed her as the chair of an interim Presidential Campaign Task Force for the Amenfi Central Constituency. This appointment is seen as a reaffirmation of the party’s confidence in her leadership abilities.

Political analysts have praised this decision as a masterstroke, highlighting its potential to reinforce democratic principles within the party while addressing internal challenges. Joana Gyan’s new role underscores the NDC’s commitment to moving forward with a united front and ensuring effective campaign strategies for upcoming elections.

As the situation continues to develop, all eyes are on Peter Kwame-Ackah’s upcoming appearance before the Political Affairs Committee. The outcome of this hearing will likely have significant implications for the party’s unity and its electoral prospects in Amenfi Central.

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