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NDC Poised To Win Essikado-Ketan Seat With Dr Grace As PC



On a live broadcast on NEWDAY TV on Multi, Mr. Abraham Dadzie, a Regional Communication Team Member and Executive Member for Essikado-Ketan constituency (NDC), assured the people of Essikado-Ketan who has been denied and deprived of representative for 20years as a result of the incompetence of the incumbent NPP MP who has nothing at all to show in terms of developmental activities in the constituency will soon see the light coming forth from the NDC.

He affirm that the NDC is poise to redeem the constituents of Essikado-Ketan from the doom the lazy leadership of the NPP in Essikado-Ketan has subjected them into.

The NPP greatest nightmare and the only hope for Essikado-Ketan has come again, the Obaa Yaa of our century, Prof. Dr. Grace Ayensu Danquah the elected PC for Essikado-Ketan constituency NDC, will win the 2024 election by hook or crook, he said.

2024 election is a revolution for the country and it’s a do or die for the people of Essikado-Ketan.

All the file and rank of the party and the people in the constituency are angry for change and we will stop for nothing until we win the MP’ship in Essikado-Ketan.

I am confident and have the full trust of my PC , Dr. Grace that together with the Executive of the Constituency will deliver their mandate by winning the Parliamentary Election for the people of Essikado-Ketan and the NDC.

Essikado,Ketan, Kojokrom, Kansa, Essipon, Ngyiresia, Mempeasem, Essiem, Ntarmakrom, Mapong, BU, Fijai, European Town, Agirc, Nkroful, Ntankorful and etc will work again and we never rest until Prof. Dr. Grace Ayensu Danquah becomes the MP for Essikado-Ketan Constituency.

It is time for Essikado-Ketan to experience good health care, quality education, good roads, employment opportunity and other socioeconomic development, and this will happen only under leadership of the NDC when Prof. Dr. Grace Ayensu Danquah is elected as the Member of Parliament for Essikado-Ketan constituency.

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