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UPP National Chairman Lashes Amidu Over Poor Performance



Kenneth Nana Kwame Asamoah, National Chairman of United Progressive Party, (UPP) has lambasted Mr. Martin Alamisi Ben-Caesar Amidu, Special Prosecutor for making too much noise about his assigned job than being in action.

He however advised Mr. Martin Amidu to sit up and work and stop the unnecessary noise.

According to him, Martin ABK Amidu is being paid with tax payers money so if he thinks he can’t do the job, he should pack and leave the office.

Adding that the continuous talks of Amidu is not what Ghanaians are looking for.

A statement signed by the acting General Secretary of the party Bukari Kuoru copied to  said Martin Amidu has had enough barking, raving and ranting and that its time for him to begin biting.

This is the full statement

When the issue of the Special Prosecutor broke, it became a hot issue and we were all excited that we finally have a president who is bold enough to call the shots and retrieve the stolen tax payer’s money. Three years down the line the SP looks like a circus show with Martin Amidu as the circus master. One thing is clear, both the NPP and the NDC are one and the same, and they do not have what it takes to stamp out this corruption that is rearing its ugly head in every sphere of the Ghanaian live and causing serious rot to the very fabric of our beautiful Ghanaian society. Example in the case of President Mahama, there was the ford saga and guinea fowls flying to Burkina Faso. Are we wasting our tax payer’s money on the SP? Is he doing his job? Or he is just a puppet on a strand? Why are we not seeing more prosecutions as the government has allocated almost 200m of the tax payers money to the office of the SP?.
The UPP interrogated the letter that sounds like a lamentation as in the case of political interference. Mr. Martin Amidu in one breath raises genuine concerns and in the same breadth is talking too much instead of doing too much. But these are what we in the UPP think should be done after reading the Article:
1. Public education about the OSP: the general public does not seem to understand fully the entire process of setting up the OSP, equipping it and running it at the speed with which it should run. The OSP is not captain planet that just grants wishes. It takes time for the office to achieve all the corrupt cases in this country.
2. Martin Amidu should concentrate so much on laying the foundation of the office and getting past the hurdles put in by public servants. In the article he complains bitterly about interference of public and political actors and their refusal to make available information needed by the SP. In this same article he talks about the statutory powers granted to him that enables him do his work without any interference. My question is why complain too much when you have the law at your disposal. You can effect the Special powers given to you to acquire any information from any institution you want and even take the person to court without prior information. Stop the barking and do the biting.
3. The OSP was set up for political witch hunt to specifically target a particular regime and score political points: another angle from which may have caused these lamentations maybe because the government and ruling party are intentionally frustrating his efforts because the SP is biting and chewing on the wrong meats. The SP was probably set up as a mechanism to witch hunt political opponents but they soon realize that the very snake they have reared is beginning to swallow them up too. Why are the politicians interfering when they know the SP is free of any political interference? The SP even further stated that “it’s either they want to set up the OSP or they don’t”. Either ways you have the Special powers to drag them to court Mr. Special Prosecutor. Exhaust that privilege before whining for its good 180 million of the tax payer’s money that is used to fund his office. That money could be used to build more roads, bought more beds, build more schools for the President’s laudable free SHS programme and operationalised the Legon Hospital among others.

4. He should crack the whip as the master of this circus as he has been given significant statutory powers: on one hand, I think Mr. Martin Alamisi Amidu has all he needs to do his work. He has all the Special powers and supports of the major institutions I.e the finance ministry, the attorney general, EOCO etc. He can either keep working or keep quiet because we Ghanaians expect a lot from him other than whining and complaining. Crack the whip.

Here’s what the Government of the United Progressive Party(UPP) will do:

1.The UPP will intensify public education. Fighting Corruption is a civic and collective responsibility and we must all help to fight it.

2. Set aside specific courts purposefully for the prosecution of corruption.

3. Enforce and apply the law.

4. Separate the attorney general from ministry of justice.

5. Employ more state prosecutors to help in the fight of corruption and help the citizenry fight for justice.

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