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NDC Wants to Cremate Body of Rawlings for Spiritual Direction ahead of 2020



Attempts by the leadership of the NDC to claim ownership of the dead body and funeral of J. J. Rawlings all point to the fact that they allegedly desperately want to perform certain sacrifices and rituals with the mortal remains of J.J. Rawlings ahead of the December 7, 2020 general elections, and the sacrifice and rituals are time bound. The crocodile tears of Asiedu Nketia is allegedly due to the undue delay of the performance of the sacrifice and the rituals.

According to one of the leading members of the NDC, they would exhume Rawlings’ body after the Government and the Family of Rawlings have buried him because J. J. Rawlings is the bona-fide property of the National Democratic Congress(NDC).

Since the death of Rawlings, the leadership of NDC has been fighting Government over the mortal remains of Rawlings and the Book of Condolence. This same leadership of NDC who are shedding crocodile tears trained babies with sharp teeth to silence the voice of J. J. Rawlings and successfully pushed his lovely wife Nana Konadu Agyeman Rawlings out of the Party.

On 15th November 2020, NDC held a Vigil in honour of J. J. Rawlings and funny enough the leadership allegedly threatened Zenator Agyeman Rawlings, the daughter of J. J. Rawlings that if she fails to attend the Vigil organized by the Party in honour of her father, the leadership would have no choice than to sack her from the NDC and that would affect her chances of getting back to Parliament on the ticket of the Party.

What is currently trending is the information that, the leadership of NDC want to use every means possible to get hold of Rawlings’ body and allegedly cremate him, after the cremation the Party would allegedly scatter the ashes of J. J. Rawlings across the over 29,000 Polling Stations in the Country starting from Achimota Forest. This forms part of the spiritual direction given to the leadership of NDC by the spiritual grandmasters and fake prophets of NDC.

In order to cover up this spiritual direction strategy of the NDC, the leadership of NDC has started a circulation of a doctored video and audio tapes claiming to be the voice of J.J. Rawlings who was advocating that he wanted cremation after his death.

We are urging the Government and the Rawlings family to do everything possible to police the body of J. J. Rawlings and block the leadership of NDC from having undue access to the body of Rawlings.

Rawlings is a statesman and he deserves a befitting state burial, not cremation as allegedly suggested by the leadership of NDC.

… signed…
Concerned Voters Movement(CVM)

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