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J J Rawlings Not Dead-Man Reveals

Mr.Isaac Rockson , communication strategist has revealed that,former president J J Rawlings is not dead but still alive.
According to him,on the eve of Thursday 12th, November 2020 at 10:10 am it was reported that the Former President has passed on to glory.
For the political divide, many had expected Former President Jerry John Rawlings to die or live for a very long time but divinity has held his fate.
He said, the report of his death is a gimmick and hilarious to both his loved ones and enemies who are tussling on the realities.
“Today in the hypocritical sect of Ghanaians are singing praises, and giving eulogies about Jerry John Rawlings. He is not dead but alive watching the hypocrisy of his enemies who think he is dead. Many hypocrites are waiting to file past or pay tributes to the savior known at the time as Junior Jesus of democracy.
 It was clear that some political key leaders had planned his death and it was known publicly. Does the claim of Mr. Rawlings make him or them happy, when they are publicly showering praisings of his achievements? Share hypocrisy? He is alive and not dead as they are claiming.”He added .
“Is the Lion of Ghana’s democracy of the 4th Republic dead? No! he is still alive and not dead. The story of his death is a mystery! I spoke to the Former President and he marveled about the hypocrisy of his core enemies.
How people are pretending he is dead when he is not. It is good for him to realize what is going on in the eye of his of stooges, bootlickers, nay-sayers, and charlatans while his personality traits stand aloof.
The imperative circumventions of these hypocrites, stooges, bootlickers, nay-sayers, and charlatans in days of the Messianic revolution cropped against the good and odds of the time. Everywhere in Ghana today, people are ready to show good sentiment, gratitude, appreciation, benevolence, and all pleasant admiration to Excellency Flt. Jerry John Rawlings. Did we ever think or expected to see his enemies’ willingness to swear allegiance and offer him a befitting burial? But today, they say he is dead whiles he is alive!
The man Junior Jesus is not gone forever but still living. Hail his legacies for good if you think that is real; all that was bad said about him is not the same today, then who are we if we claim well to love him?
It is great to have the wrong people to do the right thing at the right time! A lot had gone on against Mr. Rawlings; whom some believe  is dead but never gone forever.
“Was he celebrated when he took Ghana from the hash and depressive economy? His June 4th was suspended, 31st December movement was put on a brink. Can we celebrate Mr. Rawlings as a dead or living legend? Are these hypocrites, stooges, bootlickers, nay-sayers, and charlatans going to celebrate him without apologies? Are they going to restore what probity and accountant stand for, when indiscipline, insecurities, bribery, and corruption seem to be legalized without prosecution?
On Thursday to date, as I am in tune with him, he can’t believe such a great twist of lovingkindness he is witnessing. It is eternally accepted by celestials in the great human family to foresee death as a good thing when pronounced on you. It is also a divine initiative to be glorified on earth correlated by scriptures, saying what is written is written.
It is though, necessary to disassociate death from his eternal life. Ghana in decades suffered socio-economic depression which needed a savior to redeem the state.
A savior name Jerry John Rawlings was sent by God to save his nation at the time Ghana was going through the tenacity of economic crisis, making lives very unbearable. He came to remove economic barricades to pave way for Ghana to have a better livelihood again. He restored good governance and making the nation a beacon of democracy in African.
Hail him Hallelujah!  Hallelujah is of the Lord of Host, who commissioned such political legend of our time; and whose dreams and legacies gave birth to divinity with integrity, worth for forever! J.J. never dies like Kwame Nkrumah of the First Republic.He concluded

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