Newborn baby abandoned at Mission house at Ahodwo



A newborn baby girl has been abandoned by her mother in Ahodwo, a suburb of Kpong in the Lower Krobo Municipality of the Eastern Region.

According to a suicide note left behind by the mother, the baby was delivered on Saturday, July 15, before she decided to abandon her.

The baby was left at the doorstep of the resident pastor of the New Covenant Apostolic church at Ahodwo on Sunday, July 16, 2023.

Alongside the baby, the unidentified woman left a note explaining the reasons for her actions.

The note stated, “By the time you will finish reading this letter, I will be dead and gone, please take care of this baby as your own child. Please, I regret doing this but that is the only way this baby can have a chance to live. Please she was born just yesterday night. Please take care of her. I’m sorry please forgive me. God bless you”.

When the occupants of the mission house woke up in the morning, they discovered the abandoned baby and immediately notified their neighbours. The neighbours promptly alerted the Kpong police, who initiated their investigation into the matter.

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