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NLA Licenses Five Private Sector Lotto Operators under Act 844



The National Lottery Authority (NLA) signed a historic partnership agreement with the Veterans Administration, Ghana (VAG). The agreement gave NLA the sole power to regulate, manage and supervise the operations of VAG lottery to contribute to the overall well-being of Veterans in the Country.

Based on the collaborative agreement between the National Lottery Authority and Veterans Administration, Ghana, the National Lottery Authority has granted Licenses to the following Private Sector Lotto Operators under Act 844:

1. Lotto and Lotteries Company Limited

2. Alpha Lotto Limited

3. From Home Company Limited

4. Vision 2000 Company Limited

5. Rand Lotto

The Licensing of qualified Private Sector Lotto Operators were done under the approval of the Board of National Lottery Authority(NLA).

The licensed Private Sector Lotto Operators would operate lottery under Act 844 regulated by the National Lottery Authority (NLA) in accordance with Act 722.

All Licensed Private Sector Lotto Operators together with their Agents, Sub-agents and ‘Writers'(Retailers) shall use Point of Sale Terminals to sell all lottery products as part of the Terms and conditions of their respective Contracts.

Each Licensed Private Sector Lotto Operator shall obtain a Security Identification Embossment to affix on the respective Lotto Kiosks of their Agents, Sub-agents and ‘Writers'(Retailers).

The Licensed Private Sector Lotto Operators would operate strictly in accordance with the Terms and Conditions stated in their contracts.

Henceforth, any Lotto Operator, Agent, Sub-agent and ‘Writer'(Retailer) who pays outrageous Commission above the approved Commission by the Authority would be dealt with in accordance with Act 722, L. I. 1948 and Section 22 of Act 844.

The National Lottery Authority (NLA) would like to reiterate that, it is unlawful under Act 722, L.I. 1948 and Section 22 of Act 844 to manufacture, distribute, sell or retail lottery products and services without authorization from the National Lottery Authority (NLA).

Accordingly, all those engaged in illegal lottery operations would be arraigned before Lotto Courts across the Country inaugurated by the Chief Justice of Ghana. The lotto Courts aim at ensuring prosecution of lotto- related offences, compliance, and enforcement of the Act 722, L.I. 1948 and Section 22 of Act 844.

However, the Authority would like to inform the general public that very soon:

1. List of Licensed Lotto Marketing Companies under Act 722 would be published.

2. Second batch of Licensed Private Sector Lotto Operators under Act 844 would be published.

Issued by: Public Relations Unit of NLA

Source: Foster

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