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NLA to Bring Back Live Draws for 5/90 Lotto on GTV Starting 15th March, 2021



The National Lottery Authority(NLA) will conduct Live Draws for 5/90 Lotto products from Monday to Saturday except Sundays and Public Holidays effective Monday, 15th March, 2021 between the hours of 6:45-7pm.

In order to safeguard the reputation, integrity and credibility of the National Lottery Authority and its associated products and services, it has become very imperative to re-introduce the LIVE DRAW.

The rationale behind bringing back the LIVE DRAWS for 5/90 Lotto are as follows:

1. To Maintain and strengthen transparency of the operations of NLA.

2. To maintain credibility and integrity of the Authority’s Lotto Draws.

3. To increase sales and revenue generation for Government and Consolidated Fund for national development.

4. To educate the general public about the Draw processes and procedures of the National Lottery Authority.

5. To combat and eradicate the activities of illegal lottery operations.

6. To combat and eradicate the activities of Lotto Fraudsters and scammers.

The Live Draws for 5/90 Lotto would help to demystify the wrong perceptions in lottery industry and bring lasting confidence to all stakeholders in the Industry.

*Issued by:Public Relations Unit of NLA*

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