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No justification for cathedral construction—-Newton Kwasi Insists 



Newton Kwasi, a tutor at the Osei Tutu Senior High School, Akropong in Ashanti says it is needless for the government to expend public funds in the construction of the much talked about National CATHEDRAL.

He says there was no justification to seek to commit public funds to a vow made by the President who had early stated that no state funds would be used in the construction of the monument.

In a release copied to this portal, the mathematics tutor urged the Ghanaian public to stand up and be counted as persons against the use of public funds for the construction of the cathedral.

We publish in full the views of the Mathematician and Ghanaian citizen.


Newton Kwasi writes…

Episode 1

If you really have data on all the unemployed youth in your church and the impact on their lives, you wouldn’t be shouting Ghana needs Cathedral at a cost of $200m at this time.

Let us stop the gross  hypocrisy and the festival of double standard, many people don’t even have the money for offering on Sundays, not to even to talk of t & t to Church.

Do you know what some ladies go through on daily basis to survive just because they don’t have jobs? You have no idea, try and invite them one day one on one. Some cannot even afford pad for their menstrual distin,   You should be calling for a NATIONAL JOB FOR THE YOUTH not NATIONAL CATHEDRAL.

Invite the unemployed guys too, ask them how they survive everyday, it will shock you, seeing them with smile on every Sunday doesn’t mean all is well, mybet, superbet etc which you preach against is their saviour… You always restore my melancholic state when I hear you say GHANA needs NATIONAL CATHEDRAL at a cost of  $200m…

To be continued…..

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