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NPP Group Attacks Captain Smart Over Sporadic Attacks Against Vice President Bawumia.



Broadcast journalist “Captain Smart” has landed into big trouble owing to his sporadic attacks against some bigwigs of the New Patriotic Party (NPP) on matters related to corruption.

His stands, advocacy and daily ranting on the airwaves in opposition to the inactions of some political figures as though a paragon of good virtue does not reflect his true nature; a group called Movement for Bawumia (BAWUS) has wildly disclosed.

National Chairman for BAWUS Duncan Opoku Boateng has hit the nail right on the head that the broadcast journalist for Angel Group of Companies (ABN) Captain Smart is not innocent on matters related to corruption, challenging him to prove to the whole of Ghana if all the properties he currently owns were acquired through honest means.

He has dared him to clear the air on how he acquired his fleet of land cruisers, luxurious mansions located both in Accra and Kumasi plus other properties and tell the citizens of Ghana if journalism is the only source of his wealth.

On the above premise, Duncan Opoku Boateng when addressing the media in Kumasi called on EOCO to conduct a full scale investigation into how Captain Smart earn his assets and apply the necessary sanctions if he faults in any area.

At the press briefing, he explained that the broadcast journalist’s style of journalism is to attack personalities, threaten an expose if his victims fail to settle him financially as a way of killing the issue.

“He has cultivated this attack on the NPP as a party and NPP gurus for years but it has become necessary to pragmatically and respectfully prevail upon him to eschew such despicable attitude towards the great Osono party.”, Duncan Opoku roared in his address.

He added that, 90% of the allegations made by Captain Smart lacks documentary prove.

On his recent attack on President Akuffo Addo-alleging that the latter is doing ‘galamsey’, the National Chairman for BAWUS rubbished the charge as false and baseless.

“President Akuffo Addo is not a galamseyer and for that matter he has no concession at Akyem. However, we are challenging Captain Smart to provide his evidence that President Akuffo Addo is doing galamsey at Akyem”.


“Captain Smart attacked and lowered the person of Alhaji Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia that he is the most maladroit and duffer across the globe. He said this in a jostle manner to ridicule not only the person of Dr. Bawumia but the sovereign state of Ghana of which Dr. Bawumia is Vice President.

An action which clearly indicts the good people of Ghana who voted Dr. Bawumia as vice President as with all apologies  “useless and most idiocy decision.” Maybe Captain Smart has an innuendo to the word maladroit to wit ‘wabon’ in the Akan parlance, we are giving him the benefit of the doubt to demystify what he meant by saying “BAWUMIA bonbonbonbonbon-bonbonbonbonbonbonbon!!!”

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