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On Ofosu Ampofo’s Arrest :’Our democracy is shrinking to animals’ kingdom’ – UPP cries loud


The position of the United Progressive Party on the arrest of Hon. Sammuel Ofosu Ampofu.

The air waves are hot again and it baffles me to think that our democracy is shrinking to something of an animal kingdom way of living where the reigning king gets all the power to do whatever he or she likes and its about time we sat down and looked at the winner take all kind of governance system that Ghana runs because clearly this kind of democracy is taking us places that as a country we are not ready to handle.

In the events leading to the political boiling pot that has been created by the rulling New Patriotic Party have left Ghana on the verge of this boiling pot spilling over. Unnecessary tensions have been hightened and on this note, the CID in charge of Investigating the Ofosu Ampofo case has done a very poor job or are eighter going mad or they simply are taking orders from the ruling government because any normal CID case should be allowed to follow the due court process and if found guilty an arrest can be issued. To my best of knowledge the case is still in court, no conclusion as been arrived at yet by the court so what has warranted this unwarranted arrested. The last I checked any one who is invuted by the CID to aid in any investigations can willfully accept or decline the invitation. Has then first vice chairman now Chairman of the rulling party not declined a similar offer. What us good for the goose is also very good for the gander.

But wht are they so much in a hurry to fast track this particular one involving the Chairman of the largest oposition political party in the country that they have forgotten that we have more important national issues on our hands to deal with or they simply want to cause a ruise to cover up a dirty plot that the government is planning and need a smoke screen to cover their tracks? Who benefits from this hot tensed political situation.What is the outcome likely to be? Is the country’s security forces well equipped to handle a situation incase it gets out of hand.

We do not want a Liberia or Sierre-Leon or Ivory Coast, Or Uganda or Sudan. We are a peace loving people and we must respect the constitution and rule of law and stop this “rambo style” way of doing things for this is a country of rational people not baboons living in the forest. After all dont we have a president that is a human rights champion? Mr president call your security forces to order for you are the commader-in-Chief of the Ghana armed forces and every seurity agency in the country. Call your boys to order. This country is too sweet to be plunged into any civil unrest and the worst of it all war.

Even if the police had good intentions and the procedure to arrest the Chairman, it was done wrongly and there’s nothing that can be said or done that will state otherwise because all the events leading up to this moment has shown that the arrest of the Chairman has been planned and executed by the government because as at yesterday, information was out suggesting the planned arrest of the Chairman. If this is the case then the government and the security forces have bitten more than they can chew and “as it is going, it is coming”. Let the law take it course. Let the law court have their way and if he is found guilty so be it. It’s a sad day for the rule of law and our democracy. Ghana cannot bleed! If it must bleed let it start from the top!

Long live Ghana
Long live the UPP!

Bukari Kuoru
General Secretary(Ag)

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