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Parts of Accra flood after torrential rains on Tuesday



A three-hour hour downpour in Accra on Tuesday, March 7, 2023, left parts of Ghana’s capital flooded.

The rains which started around 3:40am was preceded by startling lightning and thunder ravaging through the air.

Some pictures and videos on social media showed how some pedestrians struggled to get vehicles to their workplaces as major streets were flooded during the downpour. Drivers also had to devise different routes to reach their destinations.

Commuters living around Kasoa old barrier, Weija, Dansoman, Lapaz had a tough time manoeuvring through the water.

The flashes of light in the atmosphere caused blackouts in parts of the city.

Streets lights in parts of the city especially Kasoa old barrier were also not working due to the rains.

Prior to the rains, the Ghana Meteorological Agency in a press statement warned that “Southeastern Ghana has been engulfed by a rain-bearing cloud. This is producing rain of varying intensity within the Volta Region. Areas within the Greater Accra and Eastern will be affected before drifting to the Central, Western and parts of the Ashanti. The rain is likely to lead to flash floods in parts of Greater Accra. Be advised accordingly”.

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