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Pay Us Within Ten Days Or We File Criminal Case Against You-Unpaid Contractors to Ghana First Company Limited


New World Contractors Association of Ghana has given Ghana First Company Limited who sub contractered them to build ultramodern toilet facilities in the country  a ten-day ultimatum to pay their monies before they start filling a Criminal Case against the company in the court of law.

The contractors have also threatened to expose all Metropolitan, Municipal and District Chief Executives (MMDCEs) who have allegedly take between 5% to 25% from its members before contracts were awarded, while Ghana First pays 2%.
Mr. Emmanuel Dapaah, Chairman of the Association, explained to the Punch newspaper  that the members were contracted by Ghana First Company Limited to build ultra-modern toilet facilities across the length and breadth of the country, as Ghana First Company is working in collaboration with the Local Government and Rural Development Ministry, while the Ministry of Water and Sanitation, Metropolitan, Municipal and District Chief Executives grant the site for the project.
According to him, the contracts were awarded to individual contractors between 2017 and 2019 to be pre-financed to 60% completion before payment is effected, as specified in letters issued to that effect.
He disclosed that even though all the contractors complied and fulfilled their part of the agreement, not a pesewa has been paid to any of them for most of the projects, which the Vice President Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia mentioned while delivering his address on infrastructural projects executed by his government.
Mr. Dapaah wondered why the government denied them payment and yet claimed credit for those projects executed by them, noting that it was a deliberate attempt by the government and Ghana First Company to frustrate them.
He revealed that , most of their members were interested in the contract because they saw it as government initiated program.
He lamented that most of their members procured loans from the banks to execute the projects, and are now being chased by those banks for repayment, as Mr. Frank Akuley, Chief Executive Officer of Ghana First Company Limited, has failed to meet their demands, blaming the government for the delay.
He urged the government to come out to state its position on the matter to disabuse their minds that the whole transaction is a scam.
He revealed that Mr.Akuley has issued certificate of payment to them to effect their payment but yet no payment has been made.
He hinted that by law if someone issue certificate of payment to you to you and after three months the money is not paid it turns to be a Criminal Case .
So they are giving Ghana First ten days ultimatum to pay them else they will file criminal case against the company.

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