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Personality Test: Your sleeping position reveals these personality traits


Sleeping Position Personality Test: Sleep psychologists and experts all over the world have conducted several studies to establish the link between our sleeping positions and our personality. Our subconscious is the powerhouse that influences how we function throughout the day, how we walk, what coffee we order, how we sleep, etc. We often do not pay attention to how we sleep, we just curl up in bed in our favorite sleeping position. Let us find out what your sleeping position reveals about your personality.

Sleeping Position: On your back



If you sleep on your back, then your sleeping personality says that you love being the center of attention. You are an optimistic individual who would enjoy the company of like-minded people. You are usually found to have a bold strong presence in a room full of people. You do not engage in petty talks or things that do not meet your standards or do not have your back. You hold high expectations from yourself as well as others.

One will most likely hear the truth from you than some sugar-coated lie. You work extremely meticulously and persistently to achieve your goals. You live life in a structured manner with a success-driven mindset. You enjoy your ‘me-time’ a lot while laying in bed and visioning your plans become reality.

Did you enjoy discovering your sleeping personality types? One should note that nobody sleeps in one position throughout their life. As evolve throughout our lives, our subconscious picks up new traits or sheds old habits. We grow as individuals, we learn new things about ourselves, and we change mindsets, hence one may also find themselves sleeping in a mix of two or more sleeping positions. They could reflect that you embody traits of different sleeping personality types. Stay tuned for more such personality tests.

Sleeping Position: On your sides



If you sleep on your sides then your sleeping personality says that you are a calm, reliable, easy-going, active, go-getter, social butterfly kind of person. You are always looking forward. You are not regretful of the past. You are not scared of the future. You are highly adaptable no matter what the changes or situation. You always look for the silver lining in everything. You are highly aware of yourself, your good and bad aspects hence it is not easy to offend you. You are always wearing a smile on your face even during the hardships.

People who sleep on their sides with arms stretched out are however suspicious of others. They are not very welcoming of the opinions of other people. They tend to stick to their own decisions and thoughts. People who sleep on their sides with a pillow hugged or tucked in between their legs are found to be extremely helpful individuals who give more importance to relationships than other aspects of life.

Sleeping Position: Fetal



If you sleep in a fetal position Then your sleeping personality says that you seek protection, crave to be understood, and cared for by others. The fetal sleeping position is similar to curling up like a baby. If you ever asked, ‘Why do I sleep on my stomach’ then you should know that sleeping in a fetal position helps you in disconnecting from worldly problems. You are a guarded person who does not open up easily. You have difficulty trusting people.

You are most comfortable around your family members or people who have played a major role in your upbringing. You are a shy, sensitive, innocent, forgiving with a clear conscience kind of person. You enjoy doing things that do not require being around too many people. You are mostly found painting, drawing, writing, dancing, etc.

Sleeping Position: On your stomach



If you sleep on your stomach then your sleeping personality says that you are a strong-willed, risk-taker, adventurer, high-spirited, problem-solver kind of an individual. You are found to be effective at leading or offering guidance to others. You highly prefer sleeping for complete 8 hours if not more to stay energetic and recharged.

You are a gregarious person who sometimes comes off as cold or rude at times. You are always avoiding confrontation. You will try to find the middle ground in any extremities. You are a social butterfly and love being cherished. You have a friendly warm vibe when you are at your best. However, handling criticism is not your best trait as you are your worst self-critic hence hearing it from others makes you uncomfortable.

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