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Political appointees at Presidency increases to 361



The number of political appointees at the office of the President has increased from 337 last year to 361 this year.

This is in addition to 687 civil and public servants at the Office of the President.

This was contained in a press statement issued on Thursday, March 30, from the Presidency.

The report covers three key areas, namely the number of Presidential Staff employed at the Office of the President during the period, the ranks and grades of these staff, and employees of other Public Services assigned to the Office of the President.

“During the reporting period, there were two Ministers of State and 44 Senior Presidential Staffers at post.

The other Political Appointees at the Office of the President numbered three 315. This brings the number of political appointees to 361.

The statement added that out of the 361 staff at the Presidency, only 163 work at the Jubilee House.

According to the statement, they work at offices they have been assigned to.

“It is important to note that out of the 361 persons who are political appointees at the Office of the President, only 163 work physically at the Jubilee House.

“The others work in the offices to which they have been assigned.”

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