Prepare towards old age-Pentecost head pastor urges men

Prophet Kankam Beditor, the Obuasi Church of Pentecost Area Head has advised Men to always prepare towards their old age which he described as dark age.
According to him, Men in our contemporary world are facing unprecedented challenges that threaten their emotional stability and prosperity in their old age.
He indicated that, to avert such a syndrome, men are required to be trained to prepare for their possibility to  enable them take urgent and coordinated actions to enhance their resilience and security in their old ages.
 Prophet Kankam was speaking at  the Area Mens Ministry’s joint service held in Obuasi on Friday.
He was of the view that, the dark days are periods of crisis, disruption and instability that can affect the normal life. He disclosed that, such periods are inevitable and unpredictable, and for that matter, nobody knows when they will strike and how long they may last or what devastating life experience suh a situation may bring, yet one who is aware of such times could prepare towards it.
He indicated that, preparing for the dark days is not a sign of weakness or fear, but of a God given wisdom and foresight which is the best way to protect oneself future and unforseen circumstances.
He reiterated that, planning before the dark days involves identifying the potential risks and threats that lies ahead, assessing their likelihood and impact, and developing strategies and actions to mitigate them.
He is of the view that, even though planning before the dark days is not easy task, it can help one reduce the negative effects of the crisis, maintain one’s reputation, and trust, and seize the opportunities for innovation and growth that may arise from the challenge.
The prophet reminded them, that the Lord God we worship is the source of our power to make money and urged them to trust in God for the strength to work hard for a prosperous future.
He indicated that prosperity resides in exhibiting one’s gift, talents and providing solutions to problems.
He said that everyone has something unique and valuable to offer, adding that, the key to success is to show what you can do, help others with their challenges, and make the most of every opportunity that life offers you by using your natural abilities and skills.
He disclosed that,one has to know God who created man and always provides him with the ability to create wealth, this would help one to be fully prepared towards the dark ages in life.

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