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Provide sign language interpreters services to assist clients- NGO to health providers



Dr. Love Konadu ,the President of Mama Love Foundation, an Obuasi based Non- Governmental Organisation (NGO) has called on Government to make provisions that compels all health facilities to employ sign language interpreters to assist their clients in seeking healthcare.

.Speaking at the end of year party organised by the Foundation for the Deaf and dumb persons as well as Widows in Obuasi, she stated that, Deaf persons usually have difficulties in communicating with medical or health providers when seeking medical treatment because of the language barrier, which she said sometimes results in some avoidable deaths
According her, reports from the Ghana National Association for the Deaf (GNAD) revealed that, approximately 0.4 per cent of Ghana’s population, almost 29 million are Deaf.
She said a .research shows that sign language is often viewed as an aberration in Ghana, as the Deaf are often derogatorily referred to as mumu, meaning dumb.
She disclosed that, it is in line with such challenges that she believe that hiring sign language interpreters for health facilities and other public places will enable the Deaf persons have equal access to healthcare delivery and ease their communication in other public places.
Over hundred (100) deaf and dumb person as well as Widows and their children were given a treats by Mama Love Foundation at the annual get together.
In another development ,Dr. Love Konadu at a Marriage Check point summit organised by Love K an NGO, on the importance of marriage, stated that, marriage is a panacea for the country’s economic woes, supported her argument that, when there is peace in marriages, it impact positively to the family and the entire country benefits economically because people put in their maximum efforts to support the family when there is peace at home.
Pastor Samuel Kaakyire Aning, a resident Pastor of the Church of Christ, Obuasi Central was of the view that, corruption is rampant in Ghana because of financially unplanned marriages couple are stealing, taking monies that are not supposed to be taken to make earns meet at homes.
He said the financial responsibilities accompanying marriage compels those who go into it unprepared to look around for various means of survival including theft and misuse of public funds.
He charged the youth to assess themselves to determine their preparedness to meet the financial obligations after marriage before they enter into it.
Pastor Kaakyire Aning bemoaned the increasing rate of marriage breakdowns especially among the youth in the country, attributed the surge in divorces to lack of emotional support which can lead to couples denying each other sex and can trigger legal divorces.
He pleaded with the youth to make sure they are adequately prepared for marriage before they commit themselves devoid the influenced of what they see or sexual pleasure.

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